Valiant Paris is an exotic French Luxury fashion house where designs come alive. We are dedicated to designing the best high-end clothing, using a selection of top quality fabrics. That can only mean elegance and poise for fashionistas. From shoes to pret-a-porter and top jewelries, Valiant Paris makes quite a strong fashion statement. 


This fashion haven was founded in Paris in 1957 by French designers Jean Louis Valiant and Philippe Marie 0. Their collaborative philosophy has to this day been a hallmark of Valiant Paris. Brilliant designers from all over the world continue to combine to produce an exclusively worthy collection.


It is worth recapping how Valiant Paris’ collaboration with multiple designers brings about a distinction in the designs turned out. That multidimensional approach separates us from other top brands, while giving the brand a well-defined continuity.


All Valiant Paris items have a distinctive look and feel. There is simply no replica out there. Our designers of different backgrounds share one belief. They believe that elegance goes beyond what the eyes can see. Valiant Paris by Jean Philippe and Valiant Paris are now a rare and highly demanded brand. Our homes of fashion now serve industries in France, Switzerland, London, Las Vegas and Miami, USA.